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NAKAGAWA SPECIAL STEEL INC. (the gCompanyh) has made its contribution to the development of Japanese gmonozukurih (creative manufacturing) over a period of more than 90 years as an expert company in the special steel industry. Based on our corporate philosophy of gproviding heart-touching servicesh, we engage ourselves in urban development projects such as those in Tennoz Isle.
We shall properly acknowledge environmental impacts of these business activities and shall strive to continue to be an enterprise friendly to human beings, communities and environments.

1 The Company shall continuously improve the Environmental Management System and make efforts to prevent pollution.
2 The Company shall comply with environmental laws and regulations and other requirements acknowledged by the Company.
3 In order to attain the goals of this Environmental Policy, we have set forth the following environmental objectives and targets which shall be tackled with participation by all employees and be revised according to changes in the situation.
(1) We shall endeavor to contribute to environmental preservation activities by our customers and the society through our proposals, sales and processing of types of special steel and other various materials that have eco-friendly features.
(2) We shall provide a highly advanced business environment and a space of relaxation by intelligent buildings (in Tennoz/Tsukiji) which are friendly, comfortable and safe to the working people and the surrounding communities.
(3) We shall enforce the concept of geco-officeh through various energy-saving activities and thus contribute to prevention of global warming.
(4) We shall enforce segregation of waste and contribute to recycling as well as restrain the quantity of waste.
4 We shall make this Environmental Policy well known to all persons working for the Company as well as open to the public through environmental education and public relations.
Through this Policy, we shall share the importance of environmental preservation with all the people related to the Company.
April 1, 2014
Yoichiro Nakagawa