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Corporate History
1924 Nakagawa Hidetaro & Co. was founded as a limited joint-stock company, to serve as an importer and a sole distributor of special steel products for Jonas Colver, a British special steel manufacturer.
1927 Osaka Branch was opened.
1931 Reorganized as Nakagawa Hidetaro & Co., Ltd.
1940 Selected as one of 11 designated distributors for special steel by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry.
1943 Selected as a designated agent by the Industrial Provisions Administration and the Commerce Administration for storage, classification, transportation and distribution of special steel.
1947 Selected as a designated agent by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry's Special Materials (special steel) Management Committee for regulating, receiving, storing and distributing of special steel from wartime stockpiles.
1951 Shinagawa Warehouse was opened.
1958 Nagoya Branch was opened.
1962 Sapporo Branch was opened.
1963 Nagoya Sorami Warehouse was opened.
1965 A steel storage warehouse was completed in Sapporo's Kotoni Steel Industrial Park.
1974 Constructed Nakagawa Tsukiji Building in Tsukiji in commemoration of its 50th anniversary.
1984 Changed the company name to NAKAGAWA SPECIAL STEEL INC. in commemoration of its 60th anniversary.
Kitakanto Steel Distribution Center was completed in the Rokken Industrial Park, Kitakawabe, Saitama Pref.
1987 Steel processing facility was added to Kitakanto Steel Distribution Center and operations started.
Hiroshima Office was opened.
1994 Built Tennoz Central Tower Building in Tennoz Aisle in commemoration of the 70th anniversary.
1996 NAKAGAWA SPECIAL STEEL (THAILAND) CO., LTD. was established in Bangkok, Thailand.
2003 NAKAGAWA SPECIAL STEEL AMERICA INC. was established in Detroit, USA.
2004 A steel processing plant was established in Pinthong, Thailand in commemoration of the 80th anniversary.
2005 NAKAGAWA SPECIAL STEEL SHANGHAI INC. was established in Shanghai,China.
2006 NAKAGAWA SPECIAL STEEL INDIA CO. PVT. LTD. was established in New Delhi, India.
2010 NAKAGAWA SPECIAL STEEL (VIETNAM) CO., INC. was established in Hanoi, Viet Nam.
2011 PT. NAKAGAWA SPECIAL STEEL INDONESIA was established in Jakarta, Indonesia.
NSSI INDUSTRY ZHENJIANG INC. was established in Zhenjiang, China.
2012 ђ˒쐸bi]jLi was established in Zhenjiang, China.
2013 "TENNOZ PIER" completed at Tennoz canal.
2014 NAKAGAWA SPECIAL STEEL MEXICO S.A. DE C.V. was established in Irapuato, MEXICO in commemoration of the 90th anniversary.