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Message from the President
What can we, Japanese, be proud of towards the world? Isn't it the passion toward"Monozukuri" (making of products)?

Since our foundation in 1924, we, NAKAGAWA SPECIAL STEEL INC. have been involved in the Monozukuri earnestly and sincerely as a trading firm.We have always offered solutions to the demands and requirements of our customers, who are major manufacturers in the industry, coordinating"the material" and"the technology", always paying special attention to the quality of services rendered by us.

What are the missions for a trading firm like us? I firmly believe that they are"creation of business through providing solutions to problems and requirements", which go far beyond areas of just procuring materials and commodities.

The reason can be found there, why we, who made continuous growth in line with advancement of the Monozukuri, have been able to build up confidence in our customers for such a long time.
For one, we have high professional expertise with respect to special steel. In addition, we can offer extensive services, making active use of network of technology and production in Japan and overseas. The synergy of these two elements, I believe, has given our customers confidence;"Nakagawa will solve this in one way or the other".

We can say the same with regard to off-shore production sites. We coordinate all the stages of production, that is, from procurement of materials, processing and up until delivery, so that products from these sites can ensure the same"Japan-quality" (quality of the products, quantity requested as well as delivery timing) by no means inferior to those coming from Japanese domestic factories. I am very proud to say that our performance with"frontier-spirits" can make it happen under such circumstances where everything has to be built up from scratch.

If we may use a different way of expression, we can say that our work can be positioned as one shouldering the creativity of the Monozukuri. In line with such philosophy, we took part in re-development project of Tennoz Isle, in which we shared a role in creating a unique community.
We also provided the ground floor of Tennoz Central Tower as an 'Art Hall' which offers places for artists to introduce there works. The environment of interaction between 'creativity' and 'imagination' is the keyword in these activities.

All what I have said shows you only what we are at this moment. We, NNAKAGAWA SPECIAL STEEL INC. will evolve keeping pace with the development of the society as an 'enterprise to create new value and business for industry'.

You can be sure that we will do our best to live up to your expectations.
Director, CEO and President
Yoichiro Nakagawa