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NAKAGAWA SPECIAL STEEL INC. has continued to contribute as an expert company handling special steel to the development of Japan's "monozukuri" (manufacturing) over a period of more than 90 years.
Recognizing enhancing customer satisfaction with the motto of "Service No. 1" and contributing to society as one of the top priorities for corporate management in its activities in which we strive for creating new value and businesses, we, across the company, shall undertake the task of quality improvement of the products and services we offer.

1 We shall continue to review and improve our Quality Management System (QMS) so that our products and services meet the requirements of ISO9001.
2 We shall promote QMS activities so that we will get customer satisfaction with our products and services meeting customer requirements and social requirements.
3 We shall make our efforts to maintain and improve the suitability, adequateness and effectiveness of our QMS by establishing guidelines for setting and reviewing our quality goals as follows:
(1) Improvement of customer satisfaction
(2) Improvement of accuracy in our work and services
(3) Promotion of continuous improvement
4 We shall engage in activities for the whole organization to deepen its understanding of QMS requirements through education and training, etc. to the employees as well as quality management activities led by the Quality Control Manager.
--- This Quality Management Policy shall be ensured to be known to all employees ---
May 31, 2010
Yoichiro Nakagawa
<Steel Business (without Sapporo Branch)>