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Advanced Products Business
Advanced Product Division of NSSI engages itself in development of hi-tech materials and new technology such as magnet materials and electronic components. It opens up new markets by offering such products with higher added value. It also aims to expand sales networks of new items and unique products through supports to and investments in excellent partner enterprises which have unique technologies throughout the world.
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Classification Products Characteristics End-use examples
Magnet NdFeB sintered magnet Most superior magnetic property Driving motors of hybrid cars, compressor motors for energy saving home appliances, etc.
Sm2Co17 sintered magnet Temperature-stable magnetic property rotating magnetic sensor for gas meter/water meter
anisotropic bonded magnet
Bonded magnet having the superior magnetic property Weight/size reduction in automotive auxiliary motors (for power sheet, window regulator, etc.),
weight reduction/high output in DC brush motors/brushless motors for home appliances
size reduction/high output in electric tool motors
isotropic bonded magnet
High cost performance bonded magnet Spindle motors in HDD, DVD, CD, etc.
anisotropic bonded magnet
Bonded magnet having the most superior anti-corrosion property Ultracompact motors for digital camera shutters, etc.
Magnetic material 6.5% Si electrical steel sheet Small iron loss, low magnetostriction Automotive reactor, UPS, solar power generation system, high-frequency transformer,
high-frequency rotary machines, etc.
Amorphous magnet metal (Fe system, Co system) Small iron loss, high saturated (maximum) magnetic flux density (Fe-tyoe), high relative magnetic permeability, low magnetostriction (Co-type) Various transformers, cores for power
Iron-chromium-cobalt magnets A wide variety of products of moderate magnetic coercivity Torque limiter/hysteresis motor, etc.
Flat coil by magnet wire Suitable for thinning and cross wiring possible Flat speaker, etc.
Unit/equipment MI sensor Ultracompact, ultra-sensitive high heat-resistance Motion control sensor for mobile phones, automotive sensor, ultra-sensitive magnetic sensor
(for security, geomagnetic anomaly, biomagnetism), etc.
Magnet analyzer Mesurement of three-dimensional vector in magnetic field, high accuracy Motor-related industry, automotive industry, mobile phone industry, medical-related,
various magnetic sensors/copying machine-related, acoustic industry, etc.
Magnetizer power sources
(magnetizing equipment)
Demagnetizer power sources
(demagnetizing equipment)
Low impedance, high discharge performance, with high luminace TFT (Thin Film Transistor) color liquid-crystal touch panel Magnetizing/demagnetizing
Magnetizing yoke/Magnetizing yoke coils/Demagnetizing yoke coils Low calorific power, short takt time Magnetizing/demagnetizing
"2Phase Technologies" Low cost, short leadtime Aircraft parts/automotive parts
Measurement Flux meter
Flux searching coil
Current meters (Magnitizer Current Meter)
NS meter
Others Plant activator
Iron ion stably supplied, eco-friendly, minerals also supplied, longer effects (about 3 years) Plants, crops in general