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NAKAGAWA SPECIAL STEEL INC. has built up experience and achieved success over 90 years as a trading company specializing in steel that bridges steel companies and steel users.
Now, we have one of the industry's leading logistics and information networks world-wide. Other than steel, we have a wide range of new materials, processed parts and sub-materials as well as a solid consulting function to further progress as a best supplier meeting our customers' needs.
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Quality Cost Delivery

We offer materials to users fully clearing the 3 elements of quality, cost and delivery which they require of their suppliers. Not only special steel, but also a variety of materials for different end-usages are included in our product lineup.

For steel, we not only offer existing grades but also can develop new grades and offer new process specifications meeting specific end-usages. We handle, besides materials, processed goods, finished parts, sub-materials and various other products.

Supports for VA/CR Activities

NAKAGAWA SPECIAL STEEL INC. strongly backs users up for their CR and VA activities.
We offer reducted costs not only in materials but in total costs in the proceeding processes, post-processes and delivery.

As a supplier that has a consulting function, we have made various suggestions to many customers, which amounts to several hundreds of cases. This accumulated know-how should serve your VA and CR activities.

Support for Procurement/Purchasing Operations
We strongly support material procurement and purchasing operations by our customers and th erefore welcome any consultations about the procurement of materials, processed materials, finished parts and sub-materials, subcontracting, outsourcing of delivery operations, etc. The network of a wide variety of suppliers we have built in Japan and abroad for over 80 years would be of service to you. We offer "the best solution" to you who seek "the best buy".