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Canal Renaissance
The development of Tennoz Isle, which was the Tokyo's first big waterfront urban development, was carried out with private enterprise initiative with a concept of 'creation of environment which inspire people's intelligence and creativity' to build up a town coordinating various aspects of human life. The area identity based on 'an Isle of Art and a town with Heart' is still clearly kept without losing its original flavor. In 2005, Tennoz Isle district was designated to be one of the 'Canal Renaissance Districts' by City of Tokyo, along with Shibaura Island district. Pursuing the basic policy with respect to the designation, development of the area along the canals, is underway in an attempt to combine a flourishing atmosphere, and allow for the preservation of the historical elements of the Edo period. We, as the chair-company of the "Conference for Canal Renaissance Project", will actively engage ourselves in the creation of attractive community in Tokyo.
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Artist's Image of Pontoon, La Dogana (1) Artist's Image of Pontoon, La Dogana (2)
Event Information
Experience of Pleasure Pastime along the Waterfront

We plan to hold events to offer unique experience of canoeing and Japan's first sea-cycling on the canals as well as a different scenery of Tokyo from the waterfront. We prepare safe and enjoyable programs which can be enjoyed by people without previous experience of canoeing or boat riding, supported by experienced instructors to help them. It will be an exciting experience for you in the middle of the Metropolis.