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Bars for special purposes (end-uses)
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Bars for special purposes (end-uses)
Classification Name of product Characteristics End-use examples
Heat treatment-free steel Normalizing-free steel Heat treatment free
Process free
Knuckles, knucle arms, companion flanges, connecting rods, front axles beams, ball joints
Annealing-free steel Heat treatment free
Process free
Various types of pins, steering shafts, strut bars
Microalloyed steel for manufacturing bolts Heat treatment free Various types of bolts
Alloy steel for special machine mechanical applications Case hardening steel for low strain High precision control for products
Rationalization of finish machining
Gears, clutch sleeves
Steel for quench hardening Simplification of quality control processes for producuts
Rationalization of finish machining
Gears, clutch sleeves
Free cutting steel Free cutting steel-Pb tyoe (L1, L2) Suitable for all types of cutting
Lowered cutting cost
Crankshafts, yokes, flanges, nuts
Free cutting steel-CaS type Lowered cutting cost
Suitable for high-speed cutting
Connecting rods
Lead-free free cutting steel Lowered cutting cost
Reducing environmental load
Crankshafts, gears
Steel for cold forging Steel for cold forging High workability
Improvement in cold forging yield
Pole cores, alternator cores, pulleys, speaker yokes