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Tennoz Central Tower
Nakagawa Tsukiji Building
Tennoz Central Tower
Floor Space Index 650
Floor Space to Plottage Ratio 38%
Total Space 6,311u (ca. 67,931.0 sq. ft)
Building (Floor) Space 2,372u (ca. 25,532.0 sq. ft)
Standard Office Space / Floor 1,124 u (ca. 12,098.6 sq. ft)
Number of Floors 2 floors below ground level
29 floors above ground level (including 2 floors of tower section)
Standard Height / Floor 4.05 m (ca. 13.3 ft)
Standard Ceiling Height 2.70 m (ca. 8.9 ft)
Parking Space 153 vehicles
Heat source Community air-conditioning system
Electric facilities 22KV
Supply from 3 power networks
Power capacity for OA devices outlets: 60VA/u
for lighting: 30VZ/u
for CPU: 1,000KV (3 phase 415 V)
Canal Garden
It is a plaza with European style stone pavement adjacent to the Canal Garden and the Boardwalk, a relaxing space surrounded by water and green, where garden parties and events can be staged.
It is a multi-purpose hall which can facilitate 150 seats, commanding a magnificent view of the Tokyo Bay and the Rainbow Bridge. Large size projectors and other audio-visual devices as well as network connections and other IT devices facilitate various kinds of events such as seminars and other conferences.