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(Conference for Tennoz Isle Total Development)
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Tennoz Isle, "an Isle with Art and a town with Heart"
Establishment of 'Tennoz Isle Total Development Conference'
Tennoz Isle, in Shinagawa, Tokyo has its history of having been built as a battery in the late Edo period. In 1985, 22 companies who were the owners of the land established private organization called 'Tennoz Isle Total Development Conference' in order to develop this 22 ha (about 54.4 acres) land with overall and long term perspectives. Then the name of 'Tennoz Isle' was given to this once island area. In order to create a new value system addressing to ever changing growth desire and maturing of society, the development project progressed smoothly under the development concept of 'creation of environment which inspire people's intelligence and creativity' and 'construction of a harmonic environment of harmony among society and individuals' life'.

The ways to create communities
Tennoz Isle was developed as the message to the urban dwellers of the 21st century, as production of a town of 'relaxing space with water and green'; under the slogan of 'an Isle of Art and a town with Heart'.

Floating pedestrian streets in the air, connecting Tennoz Isle Station and each building, making safe and comfortable trip possible among buildings without getting wet on rainy days or going up down to and from the ground level.
"Boardwalk" is a get-friendly-with-water levee promenade along the canal embodying the image of a waterfront. The promenade with plentiful of natural material such as stones from the former 4th Battery for stone banks and wood for deck is a space of relaxation for people from in and outside the Isle.
3."Tennoz Fureai (Friendly Contact) Bridge"
This is a pedestrian bridge across the canal, through which offers a shortcut for tedestrians between Shinagawa Station and Tennoz.
4."Open Public Space"
Public plaza, green patches, boardwalk and others are nicely arranged on the "Open Public Space". Light, green, water and building make up a space with open feeling, which renders everyday activities of the town richness and flavor as well as quiet peace of mind and time of contemplation. In each season various events are staged here to give atmosphere of town culture. During the "Tennoz Summer Festival" every summer, events are held here for enjoyment of people working on the Isle together with inhabitants of the neighboring community. These activities create flourishing flamboyance and attractiveness of the waterfront and liveliness.
Future Prospects
On June 28, 2005, Shinagawa Ura/Tennoz District was designated as "Canal Renaissance Promotion District" by City of Tokyo, and Shinagawa Ura/Tennoz District Renaissance Project started its activities. This designation was planned to bring about better use of canals as a tourist resource to make the waterfront more attractive to people providing less strict regulations of exclusive use of water areas of the canals for the limited designated areas. In specific terms, the project plans to build floating restaurants and multi-purpose pontoons, construction of promenade around the canals and holding of events using the canals as their stage. The Conference established together with other organizations in the area "Conference for Shinagawa Ura/Tennoz District Canal Renaissance Project" and will promote further development of the community making use of the canals, playing a center role of the Renaissance Project.